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We help your company save time and money using Internet of Things technology.

The digitisation of buildings is here

Internet of Things and Data can be leveraged to improve efficiency and drive down costs in the real estate industry.

Flatout aims at providing B2B solutions for smart homes, digital entrance systems and smart assistance (AAL) using the Flatout Platform.

We created products for various industries:

Home Insurance

Flatout mitigates damages and kills the delay between incident and report. Imagine your phone rings: it’s the 24/7 emergency service of your insurance! There is a water pipe failure in your apartment. Thankfully the main valve closed automatically. Your insurance wants to send the plumber, so the leak can be fixed – the cost is covered.

Short-Term Renting

Flatout saves you money for each booking by getting rid of physical key handovers. You send your guest her access code well in advance, so she can arrive whenever works for her. Hungry kids, a train delay – no matter. Access codes can have time limits and can be revoked, so you can also handily use them for employees and cleaning staff.

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Smart Home

Flatout prevents burglaries by simulating your presence and sends you a picture in case of an unexpected entry. Your ventilation keeps the bathroom’s humidity in check to prevent mold, and as you leave for work, your heating regulates down to save energy.

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