Gateway and Devices

Cloud and Partner Portal

User Interfaces

Gateway and Devices

We provide you with the necessary hardware for your IoT project.


Choose our ready-to-use gateway, create a new custom gateway
integrate our software into your existing hardware.

  • Connects to hundreds of devices

  • Universal rule engine for smart actions

  • Regular updates

  • Data stored on device (privacy & offline functionality)

  • Gateway casing can be rebranded & customized

  • Deploy additional software on your gateways


We provide devices from various manufacturers and continuously expand our device portfolio.
This allows us to cover a wide range of functionality.


  • Door locks
  • Cameras
  • Sirens
  • Wall plugs
  • HVAC controllers
  • Heating valves
  • Water valves
  • Light bulbs
  • Switching relays
  • Remotes & buttons


  • Motion sensors
  • Door/window contact sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Fire sensors
  • Water sensors
  • Humidity sensors
  • CO sensors
  • Energy meters

Cloud and Partner Portal

Manage users and devices connected to your own cloud instance.

  • Your very own cloud instance

  • Secure and encrypted communication

  • Performant hosting

  • GDPR compliant

  • Regular updates

Partner Portal

The Management Portal for your IoT Solution

Manage your Users

  • De/activate features

  • See all active gateways

  • See all logins

  • Reset password

Manage your Devices

  • See gateway and device details

  • Check on/offline status

  • Check encryption of devices

  • Pair & unpair gateways

User Interfaces

The portal between your solution and your customers.

Solution Interfaces

Choose one of the ready-to-use interfaces. We can rebrand them, according to your company’s CI/CD.

Custom Interfaces

Use our API to create new custom interfaces or work with our developers to create them according to your requirements.

Become A Partner

Get a free meeting with our experts to discuss your business case

Developer Package

  • Develop your own UIs
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Access to API & Documentation
  • Special device rates
  • Premium Support

Solution Package

  • Existing UIs rebranded to your design
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Access to Partner Portal
  • Special device rates
  • Premium support

Custom Package

  • Custom UIs according to your requirements
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Access to Partner Portal
  • Special device rates
  • Premium support
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