We enable companies to launch their own Smart Home products. To leverage our partner's strengths, we support and assist them with various services.

Help and support your users with our Partner Portal.



Connect us to your marketing, tell us what your starter kit should look and feel like and what additional packages you would like to offer. We handle print and packaging, so you can focus on sales and support.


Want your users to love unpacking your starter kits? Save them the thought about connecting devices to the gateway, ship them pre-paired. Great products go the extra mile for you – and users love that.


Users buying faster than expected? Get your starter kits, single devices and additional packages delivered without a second thought. You tell us where, we get it to you.

Rebrand the app according to your Corporate Identity.

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Your field service often has the best understanding of what problems your users face. Make sure your staff knows the products available and benefit from great upselling opportunities. We provide trainings ourselves and help your staff to train their colleagues.


Want to connect your smart home to existing operations & business support systems? Have a billing system or an alarm center that needs to be notified of certain events? We make sure to smoothly fit the smart home to existing processes.


Want to include smart home functionality into your existing app or build a new app from scratch? We use our documentation on a daily basis and we love to share it with you and your developers.