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Smart Access

Keyless entrance for your guests, staff and friends.

Flatout saves you money for each booking by getting rid of physical key handovers.

You send your guest her access code well in advance, so she can arrive whenever works for her.

Hungry kids, a train delay – no matter. Access codes can have time limits and can be revoked, so you can also handily use them for employees and cleaning staff.

The solution features



Share your keys with our two Apps.
The Host App lets you create, share and manage your keys.
With the Guest App your guests, staff or visitors can open the doors.

Host App

Guest App


Control your entrance with these devices.
Our technical team gladly supports you with the installation and mounting process.


incl. intercom module

Door Lock

Works with every intercom and door model.

Additional Modules

RFID Reader / KeyPad

Upgrade your Smart Access solution by adding RFID readers to your doors that allows your staff or guests to control the doors without using the App.

Automatic streetdoor opener

Upgrade your Smart Access solution by adding the intercom opener, that allows to automatically unlock the street door by pressing on the corresponding door bell on the intercom.

Internet backup stick

You don’t have internet in your premise or want to add a backup internet connection? No problem!

Additional Services

You want to launch and manage your own Smart Access solution in your region?
Check out our services that facilitate your market entry.

Cloud & Partner Portal

The management & support interface for your IoT Solution


Give it a personal touch. Rebrand our solutions according to your CI/CD.


We can customise our solutions or build new ones according to your requirements.

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Become a Partner
Become a Partner

Become A Partner

Get a free meeting with our experts to discuss your business case

Developer Package

  • Develop your own UIs
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Access to API & Documentation
  • Special device rates
  • Premium Support

Solution Package

  • Existing UIs rebranded to your design
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Access to Partner Portal
  • Special device rates
  • Premium support

Custom Package

  • Custom UIs according to your requirements
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Access to Partner Portal
  • Special device rates
  • Premium support
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